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Alibaba VS Aliexpress: How to Import From China – The Complete Guide

Warby Parker and others have paved the way for buying glasses online. So why not go a step further and pass on the savings to the consumer as well?! As is the case for other online shops for prescription glasses, you will need your prescription values. You will usually get them from your optician when you buy new glasses and it will have this format:.

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Or you can just message them to the respective seller. The whole form will then look like this:. You can generally decide between two modes of ordering:. As for the different kind of lenses, you can choose of a big variety of functional lenses, such as: anti blue ray if you sit in front of screens a lot , polarized, gradient, or photochromic ones that change their color to sunglasses when in direct sunlight.

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I have a sphere of A sizing chart on AliExpress will give you the sizes for the frames as such:. You can compare those to previous glasses you have owned. This eliminates the issue of reaching a high MOQ requirement, but will of course affect prices.

The price paid for a product is based on two main factors: its quality standards and the quantity you buy. The approach an importer should have with regards to pricing is very different when comparing the Alibaba and Aliexpress portals. Alibaba: There are no fixed prices, but everything is quoted from scratch to a various degree.

You send your product specifications colors, dimensions, materials, certification requirements, etc.

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Assuming that you can reach the suppliers MOQ requirements, you will also enjoy lower prices compared to if you are ordering 10 to 20 units at a time from AliExpress suppliers. Aliexpress: The supplier lists a product and prices for different quantities. Prices on Aliexpress are higher compared to larger quantity orders from an Alibaba supplier. A brand can consist of a logo, certain colors or design. Some importers also want to develop a completely new product or modify an existing design.

Alibaba: Most suppliers can offer custom designs and logo printing.

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This includes, but is not limited to, material specifications, components, Pantone colours, product packaging designs, product body artwork and logo designs. Aliexpress: Products on Aliexpress are already manufactured and waiting for a buyer. Most of products, for instance electronics, toys, plastics and food require product standard compliance in most of the markets.

Many importers assume that exporting suppliers are compliant by default, but this is completely wrong. Importing products that are non-compliant is illegal and can result in having your shipment confiscated, so you better take this part seriously. Below is a list of different product certificates:. Remember that not all Alibaba suppliers have the experience or knowledge required to manufacture compliant products, but there are plenty that do.

The conclusion is that if you are importing products to the EU or USA which also require compliance with a standard such as CE, then Alibaba is your next destination. Compliant products are more expensive and it would make the supplier less competitive to their Russian, African and Latin Americans buyers although note that also these markets often have regulations. This group tends to be larger than American and European buyers so it does make sense for the average Aliexpress trader to not bother with American and European certification standards.

This is the reason for which, if you are importing in US or EU, it will be difficult to find a suitable supplier on Aliexpress. A whole industry focused on quality assurance and fraud prevention has grown in China, unlike anywhere else. Anything from small details that are incorrect in the final product to outright fraud is a possibility of this business. This costs businesses money, and while some issues can be overlooked, others force businesses into bankruptcy.

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Alibaba: Far from all suppliers are qualified to take your order, especially if you want to import custom made products or have a certification compliance as a requirement. In other words, the more you know about your product, the more quality issues can be avoided. Things considered to be good quality in Ecuador or Russia no offence! Unlike Alibaba, Aliexpress provides buyer feedback directly on the site.