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This is better than the original Xbox one as you have an on/off button that you actually Xbox One X 1TB console Forza Horizon 4 + Forza Motorsport 7 bundle .

It also provides class-leading active pen support, with the Surface Pen providing the lowest latency in a Windows 10 tablet, 4, levels of pressure sensitivity, and tilt support. The battery also lasts around eight hours, which should get you through the day without charging.

Why we picked the HP Chromebook x2 :. If you cringe at the thought of using a Chromebook from the terrible one your high school loaned you, think again. The HP Chromebook x2, though, is nothing like that. That sounds minimal when compared to the typical Windows 10 notebook, particularly in terms of storage space. But remember that Chrome OS requires far fewer computing resources — and most of your data will reside in the Google cloud. Toss in a bright, high resolution 2, x 1, This all resides beneath a convertible laptop to tablet design, supporting not only media consumption but convenient note-taking as well.

Read our full HP Chromebook x2 review. What we thought of the Acer Aspire E 15 :. College is an expensive proposition, and sometimes you have other things to spend your money on than a new laptop. If you can scrounge up some extra cash, then you should look at some of the prettier machines on our list. Why should you buy this: It provides a relatively thin and light laptop with some real gaming chops, without breaking the bank. What we thought of the Dell G3 Gaming Laptop :. If you want a laptop that can keep up, then the Dell G3 Gaming offers several key benefits. Second, the Dell G3 Gaming is also relatively thin and light for a gaming laptop.

That means you can carry it around campus as well. Read our Dell G3 Gaming Laptop review. But we do have a method to our madness in conducting these reviews, and you can get a behind-the-scenes look at it here. The great thing is that many laptops today have Thunderbolt 3 ports that can connect to external GPU enclosures for some extra gaming oomph. And your choice of a laptop will be much wider, including choosing among the horde of excellent 2-in-1s that have hit the market over the last several years.

Microsoft recommends 32GB for Windows 10 itself, and you can figure that at least 50GB will be required once your laptop is up and running. Chrome OS is very lightweight and demands less powerful components, and so a Chromebook can provide much better performance and longer battery life for much less money. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Editors' Recommendations The best laptops of The best inch laptops for The best budget laptops for From Chromebooks to MacBooks, here are the best laptop deals for June The best gaming laptops for Don't Miss.

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If reports are accurate, Intel plans on slashing CPU prices by as much as 15 percent. Posted 2 days ago — By Chuong Nguyen. Computing 13 inches is the perfect size for a laptop. Here are the best you can buy With so much choice out there, how do you know which are the best inch laptops? They should have beautiful screens, long battery life, and remain light and portable. Here are our favorites. Posted 3 days ago — By Jon Martindale.

Computing These cheap laptops will make you wonder why anyone spends more Looking for a budget notebook for school, work, or play? The best budget laptops, including our top pick -- the Asus ZenBook UXUA -- will get the job done without digging too deeply into your pockets. Posted 3 days ago — By Matthew S. Computing Our best laptop deals for June , including the discounted Dell XPS 13 Whether you need a new laptop for school or work or you're just doing some post-holiday shopping, we have you covered: These are the best laptop deals going right now, from discounted MacBooks to on-the-go gaming PCs.

Though these versions lack all the bells and whistles of the C and C Glass, the lower-cost Lenovo models still offer optimal speed, storage space, and Wi-Fi connectivity for any modern student. The Lenovo Yoga Series consists of four compact, lightweight laptops with two-in-one convertible designs.

Both feature touchscreens and integrated cameras, and their batteries perform for up to eight hours. The upgraded Yoga laptops include inch and inch models, which feature more storage, an anti-glare display setting, and batteries that last up to The inch and models also come with GTX graphics and high-resolution displays for enhanced, immersive gaming. The laptops are all compatible with the Lenovo active pen, which users can utilize to write or draw on the touchscreen. It boasts a battery life of up to 17 hours and a processing speed that can reach 4.

The device also features a high-resolution, PixelSense display with a user-friendly, point touchscreen, plus a Windows Hello camera with face authentication options. The Surface Book 2 boasts a compact frame, weighing no more than 4. The Surface Book 2's adjustable hinge allows users to prop up the screen when watching movies or playing games.

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Those who purchase the Surface 2 Bundle receive a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office and two years of warranty coverage. The Microsoft Surface Go represents one of the most affordable laptops for students, though it still comes with many of the same features found on higher-cost competitors. These include GB of onboard memory and GB of SSD storage, depending on the selected configuration, which should suffice for most learners. Other features include along a sharp, PixelSense inch display, and a Windows Hello face authentication camera.

Owners may activate the touchscreen using a finger or the Surface Pen accessory, which sell separately. The Microsoft Surface Go also enables users to detach the keyboard and use the machine in various positions, such as a tabletop mount for watching movies and videos or a handheld tablet suitable for playing games or snapping photographs.

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The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 offers several storage options for students with different needs. Buyers can also choose from models with 8th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, both of which weigh under three pounds. The Surface Laptop 2 features a The battery offers up to Buyers receive a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office and a two-year manufacturer's warranty. They also qualify for discounts on Surface accessories, and interest-free financing if they pay off the laptop within 24 months of original purchase.

Designed for portability and versatile use, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 features a foldable flap in the back. Users can put the flap in an upright position for typing or studying, or fold down the flap and use the computer as a tablet device. The Surface Pro 6 also weighs 1. Operators may use their fingers or the Surface Pen accessory to activate the point touchscreen.

The laptop's built-in Cortana virtual assistant can set reminders, look up terms, and sync with smartphones and other communication devices. Schools that provide laptops offer a variety of models, and the laptop market includes options spanning a wide range of price points. We've compiled a chart of laptops commonly offered by colleges, and narrowed down the specs we consider most important.

College students tend to prioritize laptop portability. Whether you opt for the smaller, inch models or the larger, inch ones, there is a tradeoff in size, power, and performance. Light, small, and simple laptops may work fine for basic tasks such as web browsing and word processing. Still, some students may prioritize screen size and faster processing power. Choose a laptop that best suits your tasks at hand; unless you work in a computer science field or require a large screen and high performance for detailed tasks like design work, an to inch laptop under five pounds should suffice.

All students should consider battery life when choosing a laptop. Most batteries last hours. Smaller computers tend to boast the longest battery lives, since they work more efficiently, while higher-performing laptops use more power and therefore perform less efficiently than their smaller counterparts.

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Laptops sport an average battery life of hours, on the low side, and hours, on the high side. Students should consider whether they need a larger display for future coursework, or if they simply need a web-browsing and word processing tool for their college experience. Since displays have advanced in recent years, even lower-priced models boast high-resolution displays. Low-resolution displays are most common in low-budget models with smaller screens. The ideal resolution setting is p, or x Higher resolutions are available, but come with higher price tags.

In computers, random access memory RAM determines how many programs run simultaneously. Laptops with more RAM can run more applications at the same time. As computer programs advance, update, and increase in memory use, your computer's RAM stays the same, hence why your computer may slow down over time. Four gigabytes of RAM may get the job done when running simple applications, but 8GB may make a better long-term investment.

A computer stores your data in its hard drive. Hard drives contain moving parts, which read and write data and store your documents, music, and pictures. Essentially, all the digital information you create and collect on your computer stores on your hard drive.

Regular hard drives vary in size, and in most cases, an increase in size signals an overall increase in performance. A Solid State Drive SSD , an alternative type of hard drive, contains no moving parts and therefore makes computers faster and more stable than standard hard drives. SSDs often cost more, but the upgrade in speed and performance may warrant the price. SSDs run three to four times more quickly than regular hard drives, and are becoming the standard in storage.

If your budget allows for it, opt for the SSD. If you go with a regular hard drive, look for the most storage available at your preferred price point.

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  • Save $30 on a portable SSD from Samsung.

If a larger hard drive isn't in your budget, you may want to consider external storage sources, such as flash drives or external hard drives. Optimal standard hard drives offer GB of storage, but students should try to get at least GB of storage. Operating systems are often a matter of personal preference.

Consider trying out Windows computers and Mac computers at your local library, to see which suits you. Fortunately for cash-strapped students, and especially those without school-sponsored programs, there are alternatives to buying a new laptop. Remember that lower up-front costs may not equal lower costs down the road and as a student you require a reliable computer that can last for at least four years. Some alternatives to retail purchasing can carry hidden costs, which outweigh any discounts you might receive in the short term. With that caveat in mind, consider the following avenues:.

Students may lease or rent computers until they've paid their full value, at which point they assume ownership. Leases like this often resemble auto or house payments, charging interest in addition to the property's value. Most computer leasers can expect to pay off their laptop's full value within two years. Some companies offer a same-as-cash clause, which allows those who are leasing to avoid interest charges if they pay the amount due within a specified time period.

If you're confident you can meet this deadline, this could make for a solid short-term solution. Without a same-as-cash clause, or if you fail to pay the loan on time, high interest rates can kick in. Paying exorbitant "convenience" charges can quickly add up to more than the computer is worth, so approach these vendors with caution.

Consumer electronics vendors often offer financing packages, extending the cost of the computer in a loan to the consumer. Similarly to rental or leasing centers, financing plans incur interest; however, this option is credit-based and generally charges much lower interest rates. Financing a computer may help you build credit, as well, as long as interest rates are reasonable. Remember that these vendors often carry high overhead costs, and increase their prices accordingly.

Computer manufacturers may offer direct financing programs, structuring some specifically for higher education. Lenovo , Dell and Apple each offer discounted pricing on products for college students. Some schools negotiate pricing and payment options for their enrolled students. For other institutions, you may still enjoy discounted products and financing options. As with any financing offer, read the fine print and understand your total cost. The open market offers opportunities for low-cost computers, and many college students conclude their searches with eBay or Craigslist purchases.

Learners should exercise caution in these situations, as most third-party sites conduct little to no policing of their vendors. Before you begin your search, understand which features and models interest you, so that you can search intelligently. Build awareness of typical market pricing or resale value on particular models.

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Finally, exercise the utmost care in transacting with individuals from these sites. Most online vendors are honest individuals, but it's important to detect poor deals or unsafe situations. Technology requires basic maintenance to perform at its best. Whether your tuition includes the cost of a laptop or you purchase one yourself, you need the device to last through your time at school.

Protect your financial investment and avoid aggravation by caring for your device. Standard manufacturer warranties for new computing products last one year. Since you plan to use your laptop for two to four years, consider purchasing an extended warranty. Evaluate options for theft and accidental damage, standard insurance policies generally do not cover.

Some schools that lease or sell laptops to students also offer additional insurance. Avoid the classic college nightmare of working tirelessly on a paper or project that inexplicably disappears right before you finish. Routinely back up data on your hard disk or into a cloud service, and consider making extra copies of important material on a flash drive. Both Apple and PC products update their operating systems periodically.

Each update works to repair errors in previous versions, and introduce features that make the software more efficient and speedy. Keeping your device up-to-date guarantees it will run as well as possible. All computers, and especially portable devices, gather dirt, dust, and grime from constant use. Regular cleaning keeps your device functioning optimally.

Learn which cleaning methods to use -- and not to use -- and employ them. Many new computing products come with built-in virus protection software in the form of limited-time, bundled services. Be aware of the expiration date on your product, and renew or replace it close to its expiration date. Schedule regular system scans at convenient times, and respond immediately to virus definition update notifications. Antivirus programs feature some nuances, so to better understand your options, check out PCMag's Best Antivirus of breakdown.

Many laptop manufacturers understand that students compose a key buying demographic. As a result, they offer discounted rates on laptop models and accessories for those currently enrolled in college courses. Read on to learn about four major brands offering student deals on laptops and other tech supplies. Microsoft offers a host of student deals. Many student-friendly laptops from Microsoft benefit from relatively low price points. Apple offers several popular student products at reduced prices, including MacBook laptops, iMac desktops, and iPad tablets.

Students who trade in eligible Apple devices also receive credits toward a new MacBook.

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Best Buy offers a wide range of rotating deals on computers and other home electronics products. Lenovo offers discounts to students, teachers, and school administrators. All orders include free shipping. Some students' budgets simply don't allow for a new laptop. Fortunately, many colleges and universities incentivize students by offering free or discounted laptop computers and accessories. Additionally, some students cover computer costs with scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid.

Three BestColleges guides related to these topics are listed below. This guide lists more than a dozen top online U. The guide also includes some tips for students, and a general overview of today's most popular laptops. These planning guides from BestColleges cover the fundamentals of college planning, including some financial tips for students planning to buy a laptop for their coursework.